To earn your trust we only carry top of the line pharmaceutical grade supplements. It is important to us that the supplements we provide you do exactly what they claim they will do. We have many testimonies from clients who have been helped by using them.

Here are some testimonials

I daily take the probiotic and aloe tablets for my severe constipation issues. The combination, if taken daily, keeps my system moving like it never has before. I am so thankful for these 2 products and pray they never stop making them!

M. K., Austin TX

I was born 3 months premature in the early 1950's. I was not improving over the days after birth so the doctor sent me home to spend what little time I had in my mother's arms. Even though I survived I had underdeveloped lungs. This caused serious lung problems as I grew. I spent several times every year in the hospital fighting pneumonia.

My seasonal allergies caused chronic bronchitis which usually turned into pneumonia. This was the life I was used to. In my early 50's I discovered Market America's Isotonix OPC-3. I now consider it a "miracle antioxidant supplement." My wife talked me into giving it a try, so I did. I don't have the words to express how much it helped me. All I can do is tell you that many years have passed and I have not had any bronchitis or pneumonia!

I am now in my mid-60's and am rarely sick with anything. One time 7 years ago I ran out of the supplement and thought I was healthy enough to go without it. Within 4 weeks I was in the hospital with pneumonia. That sealed it for me. I will never again stop taking it.

I daily take the following Isotonix's: OPC-3, Magnesium, Calcium Plus, Multivitamin, B-Complex and Joint Support. I am healthier than I have ever been in my entire life! I recommend this product to anyone with autoimmune problems.

Mike, Kyle TX

In June of 1997 I woke up on a Monday morning in the most horrible pain I have ever experienced. I was unable to sit, stand or walk without excruciating pain in my upper back. I had been given shocking news the night before which greatly upset me. The pain would not go away so for the next year I visited specialists between Austin and San Antonio trying to diagnose the problem. They couldn't. The spine surgeon found herniated discs in my neck which he said was causing the problem. I had the discs removed and hours after the surgery, the pain was back in full force.

I was placed on a cocktail of heavy pain medications, which left me in a hazy state. I also endured many steroid shots. A doctor in San Antonio, who unsuccessfully tried a nerve block, said there was nothing that could be done but implant a morphine pump. I had quit my job and spent months lying in bed in horrible pain. A pain doctor sent me for pain rehab 5 days a week, 6 hours a day, which lasted 6 months. There was a moderate amount of improvement but not enough.

Lastly I visited a Rheumatologist. Finally a diagnosis. I had a rare severe form of fibromyalgia brought on by the emotional trauma I experienced that night in 1997. Since there was no treatment for fibromyalgia I had to stay on the pain medications. He did say that a few other patients were getting relief from taking supplements. That was enough to get me started researching natural supplements and how they could help me. Over the next years I read everything I could find and began experimenting with many different recommended brands. I gave each brand a minimum of 3 months before making a decision. I did get enough relief from one brand to return to work but still had to take pain medication. I wanted to be rid of all the medications.

I met Wen, a Holistic Health Practitioner, at a meeting around 2008. After hearing my story she was confident she could help me. I started taking the recommended natural supplements and by 3 weeks I was experiencing remarkable improvement. I began weaning off the pain pills and by 6 weeks I was no longer in pain! I was taking the Isotonix supplements: OPC-3, Multivitamin, Calcium Plus, Activated B-Complex and Vitamin D w/ K2. The rheumatologist said my fibromyalgia was in remission.

After a few years I began seeing a chiropractor who specialized in autoimmune disorders like mine. He suggested I try the supplements he carried and I did. Within 2 weeks the pain began resurfacing and by 4 weeks I was back in horrible pain unable to get out of bed again. I went back to the Isotonix supplements and by the 2nd week my fibromyalgia was back in remission.

Other problems also went away. My migraines stopped, I no longer get colds or strep throat, no more walking pneumonia and my yeast infections completely stopped. I can't say enough about how wonderful OPC-3 is. I have never been healthier. They will forever be a part of my daily routine. Anyone with an autoimmune disorder should look into this product for relief.

Debby, Buda TX

I have had allergy problems my entire life. I am totally miserable during allergy season. Sometimes the allergies turn into sinus infections. A friend told me about OPC-3 and how it had helped her through her autoimmune disease. I was willing to give it a try. After a week I was able to stop taking antihistamines. Now I rarely suffer from allergies. OPC-3 has been a blessings to me.

Kristen, Austin TX

I've been taking Market America Isotonix OPC-3 for approximately 8 years, twice a day - I've rarely missed a day. Here's why: my seasonal allergies are better than they've ever been; I believe that the powerful antioxidants in the formula keep me healthy and help eradicate free radicals on a cellular level; it tastes good; and I believe that it's one of the best products on the market for assisting with overall good health even for a person in their 60's.

Debi, Buda TX

I have been dealing with severe head issues going on 4 years now. In December 2012 I suffered a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage, spent a week in ICU and suffered a mild stroke while in ICU. Ever since the hemorrhage I have had to deal with a vast array of different, but equally miserable, symptoms. From loss of feeling in my arms and legs to hand tremors. And the worst is the debilitating pain in my head. I probably end up in the hospital once or twice a year because of it. I'm tired of being reactive and once I explained my story to V., she encouraged me to reach out to Wen and learn about these special supplements.

She had me start on the following supplements.
- Isotonix Magnesium: 2 servings before bed
- Isotonix Activated B Complex: 2 servings in the morning
- Isotonix OPC-3: 2 servings in the morning
- Prime Astaxanthin: 1 soft gel a day with any meal
You may take extra servings during flare-ups.

I don't even know where to begin. She was 100% right on these supplements helping me right away. I am ecstatic to report that I have not had a headache since I've started. At first I thought it could be a placebo effect but I didn't care because the pain was gone :), along with all my other symptoms.

Again, I can't thank her enough. She has essentially given me my like back when I had all but given up. I was drowning in pain. Thank you thank you thank you!"

Haley, Austin TX

I would like to give a brief summary of the past seven years of medical struggles. I was hospitalized frequently and undiagnosed. It started shortly after I moved to Austin with a round of strep throat. 7 rounds of it later in a short time span was the beginning of a vicious cycle of antibiotic resistance. I had tonsil surgery but shortly after I became extremely sick, needing additional, stronger antibiotics. After recovering, I woke up to a swollen head and eyes - facial cellulitis, which landed me in the hospital on IV antibiotics. The first round didn't work and once again, I needed stronger antibiotics to heal.

After recovery I began what would be five years of a debilitating stomach ailment, most likely caused from all the antibiotics. It was like having a horrible case of stomach flu every single day. I had to stop working and was losing weight quickly. No doctor could figure out what was causing the ailment.

I began seeing an infectious disease doctor who put me on 4 separate antibiotics one which was the strongest antibiotic medicine had to offer, at quadruple the normal dosage. 6 months later no antibiotics were working. I experimented with everything you can imagine. The only thing I found to help was bentonite clay and charcoal pills. I started taking 50-100 pills every day to function. Thankfully, they did allow me to start working again, gain weight back and become a personal trainer.

During this time, I was also in a car accident, and hospitalized on a handful of occasions for back injuries. The amount of time I was stuck in bed allowed ample time to read and study possible solutions. I explored every type of possibility and medicine you can imagine - I also tried any and every supplement I'd read about that could possibly help me. I did bowel cleanses, liver cleanses, kidney cleanses, many types of fasts and diets. I went vegan, Paleo, raw food only, fruit only, plus many elimination diets. I was desperate. Nothing worked and my stomach conditions worsened. The clay and charcoal was just enough to help cover the symptoms but would not actually make the problem go away.

As a result of the stomach ailment, I began suffering from malnutrition, various vitamin deficiencies, severe insomnia, depression, anxiety and many food intolerances. As a personal trainer, I was doing my best to help my clients even though I felt horrible.

I was introduced to the Market America products and the Isotonix line by Wen and Pat. You told story after story of clients who had been healed of many types of diseases and ailments. I had all but given up at this point after trying so many things; however, their passion for the products, their knowledge and willingness to help allowed me to put my skepticism to the side and start experimenting with their recommendations.

I started adding one supplement at a time as I could afford it. The first being Isotonix Vitamin D and Isotonix Tryptophan. My sleep started improving. After starting Isotonix B Complex my energy levels improved quickly. I added Isotonix OPC3 and Isotonix Digestive Enzymes and continued to improve. Then I added Prime HGH Enhancer, I noticed the biggest difference in my sleep quality and energy levels. I was feeling optimistic for the first time in years that I might actually be able to reverse my declining health.

I added Isotonix Calcium and Isotonix Magnesium. My stomach symptoms exponentially improved. The final step of my complete healing occurred when I added Ultimate Aloe Vera Juice. After about a month of drinking a lot of the juice, my stomach problems disappeared. Finally!

At this point in time, my energy levels are through the roof, I sleep amazingly well and I've also had all allergy symptoms and migraines disappear as a bonus! I cannot truly describe in words how awful those years of battling those ailments were or truly describe the relief I have felt knowing I've finally conquered all my health issues. It did not happen overnight, my body had a lot of healing to do; however, it did happen! I will stay on many of these products for life.

I want others to know they don't have to live with their "chronic" health issues. Complete healing is possible. So often we look for one quick fix, one pill, one prescription, one "diet". Optimum health doesn't always happen overnight but with time, dedication and the right tools and supplements to support the process, complete healing is truly possible.

Anna, Austin TX

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